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Why Is Women’s Right To Contraceptives Still An Issue?

March 19, 2012

I found an article in the New York Times that really caught my attention: “Senate Rejects Step Targeting Contraception.”  In scanning the stories and titles, “targeting contraception” caught my attention.  In essence, this article was about an Obama administration policy that requires health insurance plans to offer free contraceptives for women.  According to the article, this infuriated many from the Roman Catholic institutions and some other religious groups.  The policy was revised so that the health insurers, not the institutions, would carry the cost.  Nonetheless, Republicans tried to convey a policy–which was killed in the Senate– that would “let employers and health insurance companies deny coverage for contraceptives and other items they object to on religious or moral grounds.”  What was most striking to me is that this policy only failed in the Senate by a vote of 51-to-48, which indicates a profound discord in the argument of a woman’s right to choose.

Many things disturbed me about this article, mainly, that a woman’s right to choose is still an issue so highly disputed in this nation.  This is not merely about institutions having to carry the cost of birth control, it is–in my opinion– a direct attack on a woman’s right to choose.  The article states that Republicans feel this is a matter of “conscience as much as contraception.”  Why is this a matter of conscience?  We are not talking about abortion here, we are talking about contraceptives.  It is not an argument of taking lives, but instead of saving lives.  As Dr. Hal C. Lawrence III, explained in the article, it “improves and saves babies’ lives, improves maternal health and can be life-saving for women with serious medical problems.”

 Notwithstanding my previous argument, I would like to pose the following question:  If indeed it is a matter of contraceptives not meant as an attack on a woman’s right to choose, why to we offer FREE condoms for students at most high schools throughout the United States?  The Department of Education has a Condom Availability Program, one of its main objectives being the prevention of unintended pregnancies.  Now, I must ask, why is this concept unacceptable nationwide?  Is it because the choice would now be bereft from the man and placed solely on the woman?  Why does this make so many uncomfortable?


Interestingly enough, the only Republican to oppose the plan was Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, a woman!  I think that sums up the mentally behind this social issue.  Denying women the right to choose, the right to decide over their bodies, is denying women a basic human liberty, a basic human right.  These are times when the economic independence of most women has redefined the male and female roles, leading many, as it has in the past, to oppose and defy this social trend. 

 Trying to mask the real reasons behind these policies is not fooling anyone.  As Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of health and human services said, the “ decisions about medical care should be made by a woman and her doctor, not a woman and her boss.”

Standing up for what you believe is right?

November 23, 2011

Recently i went to a protest about the rising tuition fees and this protest experience has opened by eyes to a whole new group of people that i enjoy to be with. Protesting has made me more active this country. i believe that if we stand together as a country we can do anything. but i am afraid no one is caring or have the guts to stand up with what they believe anymore.what is going on with the people of this country. the future does not seem so bright.

Chemistry :(

November 22, 2011

Forensic Science, is proving to be a challenging major. I never thought it would appear so challenging so soon. I love Math and Biology, but Chemistry is not my strong suit. I took courses in chemistry in high school, which was not as stressful as it is in college, and it only gets harder throughout the program. Unfortunately, the Chemistry tutoring center is booked until next  fall  :(. But, I am going to stick it out and study hard. Is anyone else having a problem in chemistry?

Mad Dash!!!

November 22, 2011

Never again will I procrastinate! Imagine running to a building you have never seen before to turn in an assignment in ten minutes. That is what happened to me and a couple of classmates. John Jay has approximately six or seven buildings, but one building I could never find is the Annex building. To my surprise, nor could anyone else who tried to give us directions to the mystery location of the finish line. The race began at North Hall with the clock just hitting ten minutes before the scheduled time. Prior to the “mad dash”, the printing system went down when we were printing off the vital portion of our assignments, but soon worked in our favor, leaving us out of the computer lab with only eleven minutes to spare. After asking the security guard for directions, we raced off into the concrete jungle with as much energy as a cheetah, obeying traffic signs of course. The clock was still ticking and we knew our destination was somewhere along the water. Luckily, we took a chance and headed into a building that looked familiar to the map printed out for us. With three minutes to spare, we were up stairs on the 7th floor ready to turn in our assignments, but couldn’t find the box. The clock ticked down to one minute, to our surprise the box was right in the area where we began searching. Never again will I endure another exhausting,stressful, heart pounding journey.

just checking in.

November 22, 2011

How is everyone’s college experience so far? The end is drawing near and finals are coming up :( . This forensic science major is slowly twisting my confidence, but I am going to stick it out! This week and next week is all about preparing myself for four upcoming finals. Wish me luck! :)

The NEW Building!!!!

November 22, 2011

Words can not describe how I feel about John Jay’s new building! Unfortunately, I only have one class in the new building, but the science department should be moving over soon. I love the splash of vibrant colors added to the building, because it helps lighten up the dreary mood I have been in all day from having class in North Hall and adds a touch of John Jay spirit. The classrooms , decked out in modern day decor and tasteful, custard walls,  places my mind at ease, allowing me to focus on the teacher and not the door. This is a nice transition from the high school styled classrooms in the old building. Has anyone notice the change in energy of the students in the new building? Everyone seems more inviting and at ease, then hustling and bustling to their next class. Also, the building is a great hangout spot with friends for lunch on the comfy muffin top chairs spread throughout John Jay. Hopefully, the science department will transition to the new building next semester!!

I missed Bio Lab! :(

November 22, 2011

I missed a day of Bio lab. I could not have been more heart broken in my life. Bio lab, as a Forensic Science major, is already stressful, since the class starts at 8:00 and ends at 10:40. Unfortunately, I woke up on time for my 9:25 Bio lecture class. I decided to make up for the missed class by studying my Bio notes for Lecture the week before. Missing a day in high school is nothing compared to missing a day of College classes, especially lecture, because Its hard to catch up.


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